Back on Track, Leg Wrap Transport (Pair)

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  • Soft and thick padding
  • Welltex® Technology
  • Easy to wrap
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Introducing the Leg Wraps Transport from Back on Track – your horse’s ultimate comfort solution. These pads feature an extra thick and plush filling, perfect for nighttime wrapping or during transport. With a smooth material and soft edges to prevent chafing, they ensure your horse’s comfort at all times. Shaped to conform to the legs, covering the vulnerable knees and hocks. Use under bandages to provide complete leg protection during transit.

Easy to wrap and loaded with benefits thanks to embedded Welltex® technology. The technology, infused with reflective minerals, may stimulate blood circulation, potentially easing issues like joint inflammation, swelling, and ligament injuries. Plus, it can serve as a preventative measure before and after training or competition.

Measuring 50×68 cm and are sold in pairs.


  • Welltex® Technology for enhanced therapeutic effects
  • Soft and thick padding for comfort
  • Smooth edges to avoid irritation
  • Easy-to-wrap
  • Sold in pairs

Material Specifications:

  • 80% Polyester, 20% Polypropylene, with Welltex® Technology.

Upgrade your horse’s comfort and well-being with the Leg Wraps from Back on Track.

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