Ecogold, Secure Hunter Pad, White

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  • Non-Slip Security
  • Impact Protection
  • Quick-Dry Performance
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Ecogold Secure Hunter Saddle Pad: Classic Design, Modern Technology

High Performance Meets Classic Style Ecogold’s Secure Hunter Saddle Pad is designed for high-performance hunter and equitation riders, combining timeless style with advanced textile technology. This non-slip pad features high-density foam in the seat area, protecting your horse’s back from impact without adding bulk. Ergonomic shape and ultra-thin flaps enhance rider communication and stability.

  • Non-Slip Security: The breathable, hypoallergenic, non-slip material is neoprene-free. It provides strong grip while being gentle on the skin, keeping the horse’s back comfortable and the saddle securely in place for a safe, competitive ride.
  • Impact Protection: The high resilience foam offers superior support and responsiveness compared to conventional or memory foam. It reduces pressure at the points of greatest weight and quickly rebounds after impact to protect and support your horse’s back.
  • Quick-Dry Performance: Engineered with high-tech fabric, the saddle pad promotes airflow and speeds up moisture evaporation, keeping your horse as dry as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • Wither-Relief Design: The anatomical design, combined with our frictionless system, ensures that the horse’s back and withers remain comfortable.

Ecogold’s Secure Hunter Saddle Pad is an investment in your horse’s comfort and your riding performance, blending classic design with cutting-edge technology for the modern rider.

Measurements of size Large: 53cm / 21″ seat x 46cm / 18″ flap. The fleece contour is 9 cm / 3.5” thick around the pad

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