Ecogold, Secure Dressage Saddle Pad, Black

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  • Non-Slip Technology
  • Quick-Dry and Breathable Fabric
  • Ergonomic Design
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Secure Dressage Saddle Pad by Ecogold: Comfort and Stability

Stable and Comfortable Ecogold’s Secure Jumper saddle pad offers ultimate comfort and non-slip technology. Designed to keep your horse’s back comfortable while ensuring the saddle stays in place for a safe, competitive ride.

Improve Your Connection The ergonomic ultra-thin flaps provide a more stable riding position, enhancing communication between you and your horse.

Quick-Dry and Breathable Featuring a honeycomb structure, Ecogold’s high-tech fabric promotes airflow and quick moisture evaporation, keeping your horse dry and comfortable.

Non-Slip and Hypoallergenic The breathable, neoprene-free, non-slip material is strong yet gentle on the skin, ensuring comfort and security.

Ethically Made for Performance Designed and manufactured in Montreal, Ecogold’s saddle pads are crafted with ethical manufacturing practices. This investment is crucial for enhancing your horse’s comfort and performance, making it an essential addition to your riding gear. With Ecogold, you can trust that your horse’s well-being and your riding experience are prioritized.

Measurements of size standard: 58cm / 23″ seat x 50cm / 20″ flap

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