Equitop, Pronutrin 3,5 kg

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  • Supports stomach mucous membrane
  • Aids digestion during stress
  • Safe for competition use
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Elevate your horse’s digestive health with Equitop® Pronutrin, a natural dietary supplement specially designed to support the stomach’s mucous membrane. Crafted with Apolectol® containing pectin fibers, lecithin, and glycerol, this product shields the stomach lining from the corrosive effects of stomach acid.

Equitop® Pronutrin is a safe choice for your horse, free from doping restrictions, making it suitable for use before, during, and after competitions. Stress during training, competition, or travel can lead to digestive issues in horses, often manifesting as reduced appetite, loose stools, and diminished performance. Equitop® Pronutrin has many properties:

  • Supports and protects the stomach lining from acid.
  • Registered with the Swedish Board of Agriculture for gastric mucosal issues.
  • Enhances your horse’s competition experience, reducing stress.
  • Ideal for dietary changes, foal weaning, and extended journeys.
  • Internal support for your horse’s training.

Dose once daily for 2 – 4 weeks, or as directed by your veterinarian.

50 g per 100 kg. A graded scoop is included in the jar. One scoop corresponds to a dose for a 250 kg horse. One jar lasts for 14 days of use for a 500 kg horse.

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