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Give €15, Get €15

Get €15 towards your next purchase for every friend you refer. Join us in our mission to transform the equestrian industry. Invite friends to our membership for unbeatable prices and help us reshape the way riders shop. More members mean better prices and a broader selection of gear!

Invite a friend

First, login to your membership and share the link or code you’ll find below with a friend.

Friend joins

Your friend joins a membership at Amiko & Friends with your code or link and get a coupon with €15.

You earn €15!

We’ll send you €15 to shop for at Amiko & Friends for every friend that joins one of our memberships.

How does it work?

How much can I earn?

How do I share?

First, become a member and login to your account. Share your personal “Referral link” or “Referral code” above in the green marking to spread the word and recruit new members. When your friends click on the link and become members or use the code in the checkout, you’ll earn €15 for every new member.

You can also add you friend’s email adress in the field above to send them your invite. You’ll only be given €15 for each new member you help recruit, not already existing ones.

And all the members you recruit also get €15 to shop for!

How do I use my earned discount?

You’ll find all of your earned discount codes under your account pages together with the expiry dates of the codes. When you want to use a code, use it in the checkout before placing your order.