Bocca Bits, Romeo Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle with Brass Lozenge

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  • Sweet iron for taste, acceptance.
  • Three-part design
  • Free movement in rings
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Romeo Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle with Brass Alloy – designed for comfort and effectiveness in communication with your horse.

The sweet iron material used in this bit is known for its unique properties that benefit the horse’s mouth. Sweet iron oxidizes easily, creating a warming sensation and a sweet taste in the horse’s mouth, which can help them accept the bit more readily. Over time, the blue color of the sweet iron will fade, developing a rust-colored patina. This natural process is normal and does not affect the performance of the bit. Be sure to thoroughly dry the bits after riding!

This bit is generally a very mild option, making it suitable for horses that prefer a softer touch. The gentle upward action of the bit helps raise the head and neck, encouraging the horse to carry themselves in a more elevated frame, making it ideal for horses that tend to lean. The three-part design ensures a gentle and steady connection with your horse’s mouth, with the central lozenge reducing the nutcracker effect of a single-jointed bit whilst also distributing pressure evenly over the tongue and bars of the mouth. The brass alloy material, a blend of copper and a harder metal, promotes salivation and is durable for long-lasting use.

The loose ring cheeks provide great mobility, allowing the bit to adjust to the horse’s mouth movements easily. It offers direct contact with immediate release, ensuring that pressure on the tongue and bars ceases as soon as the rider releases the reins, allowing the bit to return to a neutral position in the horse’s mouth. This can be useful for horses that tend to lean or get fixed on the bit.

Key Features:

  • Blue Sweet Iron for Taste
  • Three-Part Design for Comfort
  • Brass Alloy for Durability

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Romeo Blue Sweet Iron Loose Ring Snaffle with Brass Lozenge


The sizes are named according to the C measurement in millimeters. This bit is available with the C measurement:

12.5 cm / 5''

13.5 cm / 5.3''

A & B measurements of this bit:

A = 15 mm
B = 65 mm

If you have any questions about the bit, please send us an email at and we will help you further!