Amiko Performance Fetlock Boots, Dark Brown

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  • Anatomical Design
  • Bamboo, Memory Foam & TPU shell
  • Secure Fastening System
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Experience the ultimate in horse protection with Amiko Performance Fetlock Boots. Compliant with FEI regulations, these lightweight fetlock boots are crafted from a unique blend of bamboo, memory foam, and TPU shell for unparalleled performance and comfort.

Bamboo, known for its sweat-absorbing and antibacterial properties, ensures your horse stays dry, odor-free, and comfortable throughout every ride. Its hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating qualities provide additional benefits, while its soft touch enhances overall comfort.

The memory foam construction fully conforms to your horse’s leg, offering personalized support and impact absorption. With its viscoelastic memory, the memory foam retains its shape, ensuring consistent protection ride after ride.

Weighing 160 grams per piece, these anatomically designed fetlock boots are durable and impact-absorbing, making them ideal for intense training sessions and competitions. The LockFast fastening system, featuring two 2.5 cm elastic straps and a quick-release closure, guarantees a secure, comfortable, and reliable fit.

Crafted with precision in Spain, trust Amiko Performance Fetlock Boots to keep your horse protected in style.

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